Sunday, July 3, 2011

When in Rome...

Castel Sant' Angelo

We are staying in an apartment behind the Piazza Navona for 6 nights, located on a narrow pedestrian-only street called Via del Governo Vecchio.  Here's the link to the apartment.  I must stay it photographs much more spacious than it is in real life, although there is really nothing specific I can complain about!  The location is superb and the air conditioning a welcome respite from the summer heat of Rome.  We are in fact within spitting distance of no less than 4 different gelato shops - something we intend to exploit fully in the next few days.

After a quick stop at the apartment, we were off in search of food.  We had some decent pizza at a cafe near the Piazza, followed by the first gelato stop of the trip.  Must devote a whole post to the quest for gelato later...
Bernini's Four Rivers Fountain at Piazza Navona
We strolled around all the little artist stalls and started out our shopping adventures by buying a watercolor of Rome for each girl.  Then we found a small supermarket and I did some grocery shopping - one of the tasks I enjoy most about our travels!  This was a Carrefour Express but had all the essentials we needed.  My interesting fact of the day is that bread is sold by weight - so they have huge country loaves and you tell them you want about so much, the lady slices off the appropriate hunk and weighs it to assess your price.  Same thing with breadsticks, boules and rolls.  It will be interesting to see if this is just a Rome thing - since I don't remember weighing bread when we were last in Tuscany.

8 pm and the kids are fading fast, we kept them up for as long as we could - here's hoping they sleep all the way through the night!

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