Monday, July 4, 2011

Dinner in Trastevere

Sunset view of St. Peter's from the Ponte Sisto crossing the Tiber

We wandered out for dinner around 8:30 pm and headed over the Ponte Sisto to the Trastevere area of town.  Younger, hipper and waay livelier, it was a fun area for dinner.

We headed to a craft beer house known for their pizza - thereby ensuring Sean's happiness as well as the kids.  Bir & Fud, besides having a silly name, was a nice space on a small windy street.  We consumed multiple pizzas and many small little fried appetizers.  Sean says it's the first decent beer he's had in Italy!


Leslie M said...
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Leslie M said...

Feel free to blog about the shoe stores next LOL! We leave in 18 hours.